Dumbbells – push-up grips


Rustam climbing presents innovative Dumbbells push-up grips

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Dumbbells – push-up grips

Rustam climbing presents innovative Dumbbells push-up grips. First things first are these push-up grips or multi-use parrallettes. You can call these whatever you want, that is not important. However it is what you can do with these.

Cool thing is the product is that it have wheel with 3 positions. You can turn the grips and adjust the difficulty.

  1. Flat position, is easiest quite stabile
  2. Round surface in more challenging
  3. Point is hard

There is endless possibilities for different movement with these. We are certain that with these you will find new muscles in your body.

Product is sold in pairs.

Product details

  • Weight 2,5 kg (pair)
  • Size 35 × 34 × 20 cm

Additional information

Weight 2,8 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 25 cm

Climbing, crossfit, Exercising