Concept Development of Activity Parks and Sports Facilities

We have been involved in planning and implementing many sports facility and activity park projects. We are experienced in tailoring concepts for different target groups and in directing them to respond to the local demand/competition. As a consultant service, we offer you our years of experience already in the concept development phase of the project.

Content Planning of Sports Areas

We have planned dozens of sports and activity facilities used by hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. We know what makes people move and to come again. We also know how the activities need to be placed in order to create a functional and a safe space. We keep a close eye on the development of the sports industry and are able to create revolutionary content to respond to developing needs. Because we also implement projects ourselves, we are able to calculate the cost estimates for the contents precisely, reliably and quickly.

Structure Planning

We are able to produce and build everything we plan. We have substantial experience in planning and implementing steel and wooden structures. We plan the structures ourselves or in cooperation with our partners, and 3D-model the entire project in detail. In the core of the planning, is the use of various prefabricated elements. Using the elements, we are able to prepare the project very well in advance in our own production facilities, which means that the construction time at the location remains short. In addition, possible corrections and changes in the facilities are fast and easy to perform, because we have the exact knowledge and the pictures of what is already implemented in the target location.

Project Management and Production

We are experienced in implementing large projects. Our company has a rich network of partners, existing supply channels for the materials and experienced project workforce used to the working hours of intensive construction projects. Every one of our projects has been completed in the agreed schedule and budget.

Branded Products and Structures

If necessary, we are able to deliver the client’s brand and visual look in the implemented facilities. Also because we manufacture or order a great deal of the used sports equipment ourselves, we are able to integrate the client’s brand and visual look also in e.g. sports equipment, paddings and other surfaces.


All facilities need maintaining and servicing. Regular check and maintenance programme notices potential problems well in time and keeps the repair costs low. Regular servicing also increases the life of the facilities. In addition to the wearing of the facilities, also the fast development of sports and equipment and the changing needs of the users result in renewal needs.

Thanks to our servicing and cooperation programme, the facilities are maintained in good, modern condition. We perform servicing always outside the opening hours, so that the activities in the facilities are not disturbed. If necessary, we are able to make significant changes and renewals during the night.