Krom Headshot PRO Walnut – Bonz -Kendama

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Krom Headshot PRO Walnut – Bonz -Kendama is from players to players.

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Krom Headshot PRO Walnut – Bonz -Kendama

Krom Headshot PRO Walnut – Bonz -Kendama is from players to players. This a Bonz Atron`s pro model with a full walnut ken and a maple/walnut laminated tama. Kendama is compleately made  on hardwood and walnut enables this beefy shape to be normal in weight.

Pro-models have small bearing inside of the tama, which prevent the cord for tangle up. Clear LOL-coating is very sticky making catching the tama easier. As a brand new feature there’s a warp hole in the base cup that makes this an invincible tool for lunar tricks.

In the package there is also extra string, stickers and

Bonz Atron

  • Freestyle Kendama World Champ ’15, ’17 & ’18
  • Kendama World Champ 2014
  • North American Freestyle Kendama Champ 2016


  • very sticky clear Krom LOL coating
  • Bearing
  • Base cup arp hole
  • ken shape Slaydawg 2
  • KROM 20% scope
  • 23,5 mm bevel
  • Full hardwood construction
  • Fresh engravings
  • Design by Thorkild May & the KROM PRO team

Package includes

  • kendama
  • extra string
  • string tool
  • extra bead
  • stickers
  • mini poster

What is kendama?

Kendama is a traditional Japanise skill toy. Kendama consist of three pieces; handle (ken), ball (tama) and string which connect two other pieces together. The ken has three cups and spike, which fits on the hole on the ball. Idea of playing with Kendama is to catch the tama with the ken. The kendama develops hand-eye-coordination with fun way

Check out the videos!

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Dimensions 25 × 10 × 5 cm


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