Krom Pop Kendama


Krom Pop is the best entry level kendama out there.

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Krom Pop Kendama

Krom Pop is the best entry level kendama out there. Wide tama bevel, skinny spike, sticky rubber paint and great balance are the features that make practising easy for beginners. For more advanced individuals Krop Pop is perfect for rehearsing new tricks and just to have fun with it!


  • Wide cups
  • Thin spike
  • very sticky surface
  • Scope line for easier catches
  • Off-center string hole (better for pull-up tricks)

Package includes

  • kendama
  • extra string
  • string tool
  • extra bead
  • stickers
  • mini poster

What is kendama?

Kendama is a traditional Japanise skill toy. Kendama consist of three pieces; handle (ken), ball (tama) and string which connect two other pieces together. The ken has three cups and spike, which fits on the hole on the ball. Idea of playing with Kendama is to catch the tama with the ken. The kendama develops hand-eye-coordination with fun way

Check out what the world champions Bonz Antron and Jake Fischer can do with Krom Pop:

Lukas Sandgren taking the most out of Krop Pop:


Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 5 cm

Dark Green, Lime Green, Dark Blue, Pink, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange, Lavender, Naked


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