AirTrack Spark

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AirTrack Spark is the biggest home equipment out there! Itś size is 5 x1,4 x 0,2 m.

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AirTrack Spark 5×1,4m

AirTrack Spark is the biggest home equipment out there!

The AirTrack Spark is larger and thicker than any of our other AirTracks made for home training: 5 x 1.4m. AirTrack Factory`s specially designed 20cm thick Sports Double-Wall fabric (DWF) make the AirTrack Spark the best bouncing home track. If you wan world class training in your home, this is the solution.

The x2.5 times larger surface compared to traditional 3×1 m airtracl makes it even more safe and versatile than any of our Home Equipment.

AirTrack stratos size

The seam protection will ensure you get the strongest AirTrack available. To back this bold claim we give it 5 year warranty, WOW! You only need a spark to start your fire.

You can use the Spark for training gymnastics, parkour, tricking, cheerleading, aerobics, dancing etc. Due to thickness the Sparkin can be tuned better any home prodct out there. Do you like firm and bouncy or soft you can tune it without worring the bottom it.  So wheter you are small or big you can train safely.

As the dimension is large we recommend the powerful OV10-blower for filling it.

What is Airtrack

AirTrack is air mattress  for gymnastics and other sports use. You can use it indoors or outdoors. The airtrack resembles the gymnastics spring floor. Athletes from various sports can use airtrack for example gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricking, figure skating, dancing, aerobics and all other sports where yo want to train flips and do jumps. The airtrack softens landings and give more bounce.


AirTrack is made from toxic free PVC ja DWF. AirTrack Factory`s product are famous of to quality products.  All seam are glued instead of pvc welding that is common on cheaper airtracks. The gluing gives much more life time to products. Also the seams are ensured with extra taping.

Also the velcros, which enables attaching all kind of different pieces to airtrack, are pro quality


The Air matress is pumped footpump or electronic OV10 blower! For Sparkin we recommend OV10-blower, which fill or empties the Spark in few minutes.

OV10 puhallin
OV10 pump

Storage and Maintanence

AirTrack mattress can be folded or rolled for storage after emptying it. When rolling the airtrack do not start rolling it from side of the valve.

Do not put airtrack for storage when it is wet. Clean and try the airtrack after use.AirTrack can be cleaned with mild soap water, do not use strong cleaning products.

Technical Details

  • Koko 500 x 140 x 20 cm
  • Paino 25 kg


5 years

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 140 × 40 × 25 cm

Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Tricking


Home, Indoors, Outdoors



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