Bolt-on foot hold


Bolt-on foot hold is a foot hold from the Kitka`s Dimple family.

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Bolt-on foot hold

Bolt-on foot hold is a foot hold from the Kitka`s Dimple family. You do not have to the buy whole set as normally. Instead you can buy holds individually. Holds are easy feet holds that suits well for child or beginner. More experienced climbers can use these holds as small hand holds hand holds.

Holds are made on polyester and they can be used outside as the colors do not fadeaway on sun`s UV light.


Normally we have these holds in stock on yellow, blue, grey and black.

Need more variation

If you need different colors or broader range of holds, please contact us. We can offer thousands of different holds.


Normally holds are attached on 18 mm birch plywood. You should drill 12mm diameter holes and attach t-nuts to holes. You attache holds on M10 bolts to t-nuts. In the holds there is additional screw hole that can be used to attach extra screw for extra security and prevent holds for spinning.

How many holds do I need on home wall

You can estimate how many holds you need by calculating that you need 8 holds per square meter. If you are making horizontal climbing route for kids you problay need 5 holds every meter.

Technical details

  • Brand: Kitka Climbing
  • Mounting: M10 bolt
  • Material: polyester
  • UV light resistance: good
  • Weight aprox. 85 g/pcs

Additional information

Weight N/A



Black, Blue, Silver, Yellow


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